What can I expect during my visit?


We evaluate radiographs and laboratory tests performed by your veterinarian and acquire a detailed history of the presenting problem.  Your pet receives a complete physical examination.  We discuss any additional diagnostic procedures that we feel are necessary for a comprehensive diagnosis.  Most diagnostic tests can be performed during your initial visit.  Some procedures, especially those requiring sedation or general anesthesia, may require you to schedule a second visit.

For Clients

How long will my visit take?


The initial visit including the consultation, physical examination and diagnostic testing (ultrasound, ECG, etc) will take approximately 1 hour.  If additional procedures are needed (especially those requiring sedation or anesthesia), a second visit may be needed.

Will you contact my veterinarian with your findings?


A comprehensive medical summary will be sent to you and your veterinarian within days of your pet's visit.  We commonly work with your veterinarian for both short and long term follow up on your pet's care including future laboratory tests or other diagnostic procedures.

Will I be with my pet during the visit?


We encourage you to remain with your pet during the history discussion and examination process.  You will be present during the ultrasound examination for a full consultation.  But you will be asked to leave your pet if a procedure requires sedation or anesthesia.  

What should I bring to my appointment?


We recommend that you bring any current medications that you are giving to your pet as well as any labwork or radiographs that your veterinarian has asked you to provide to us.

How much will my visit cost?


We are happy to provide you with an estimate for the planned services at the time you schedule your appointment or during the initial consultation visit.  We accept cash, check, debit, & credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express).

Do you offer payment plans?


We do not offer payment plans.  Payment is due in full at the time services are rendered.

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