Veterinary Assistant

Marie has been in the veterinary field since 2008. Marie married her husband in April of 2019 and has an adorable 1 year old daughter. Her 4 legged children include 3 Australian Shepherds (Reagan, Emma, and Jade), 1 rescue pup (Levi), 2 cats (Kitty and Kitten), 1 rabbit (Buns), and 1 horse (Montana). 


Veterinary Assistant

Ferran was born and raised in the Athens, GA area.  After high school, Ferran decided to take a year off of work to travel.  During that year, she lived in Ireland for two months which was an incredible experience for her.  Ferran now stays busy with her two and four-legged children. In her free time, Ferran enjoys baking and cooking as well as spending time with her family.



Veterinary Assistant

Katie is originally from Florida, where she began working in veterinary medicine in 2016. She has multiple special needs animals, including a blind cat named Alien, a 3 legged Rottweiler named Bumble Bee, and a handicapped German Shepherd named Grizzly Bear. In her free time, Katie enjoys traveling & being outdoors.



Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer started in the veterinary field in the early 2000's, working primarily as an equine assistant. Over the past 20 years, she expanded into mixed animal practice learning to assist with routine care, surgery, oral hygiene and emergency/critical care for horses, goats, sheep cats and dogs. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her wife and 2 children, dancing, singing, swimming and tending to their little hobby farm. They love exploring new places, going on adventures and visiting Jennifer's home state of Maine.