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We offer cardiac screenings via auscultation and echocardiogram with Doppler color flow for both canine breeding patients and feline breeding patients. This is utilized to screen breeding pets for overall heart heath and congenital heart defects prior to use in a breeding program.


This is a screening process for apparently healthy patients without any current cardiac concerns. All breeder screenings are scheduled with Dr. Barker who is a boarded internal medicine specialist with a special interest in cardiology. 

If you have a pet or breeding pet with a known cardiac concern, such as a heart murmur, please refer to the information on our echocardiogram page as your pet would qualify to been seen as a regular cardiac patient.  

Please note, our office requires current rabies vaccine certification for ALL patients.

Please be aware that we do not offer cardiac screenings for submission to OFA. If your breeder pet needs cardiac OFA clearance, they would be a better fit to be seen by a board certified veterinary cardiologist.

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